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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The Manly Fringe 2013

Here's an end of year montage of some of the natural beauty to be found inland from Sydney's Northern Beaches...and a glimpse at a few of the community initiatives designed to help retain it.

Manly Dam Bushland..always in need of more protection
Mermaid Pool, Manly Vale, a focal point for conservation efforts.
A volunteer team removing invasive weeds as part of the "Return of the Mermaids" restoration project.
Community members "rescuing" graffiti spray cans discarded in Manly Creek.
Orara Reserve, Allambie. Gradually being restored from weed invasion by  Bushlink, Beach School and Save Manly Dam Catchment Committee

Avenue of Endemic Native Plants to Commemorate the Wartime Service
of the Merchant Navy (Manly Vale). King St, Avenue of Honour 

Beautiful Gumbooya Reserve, Allambie...

...cared for by a volunteer team as part of "Friends of the Bush"
Local residents putting up nesting boxes for native wildlife (This one is for a Brushtail Possum)
Restored rock outcrop with remnant native species, Manly Vale
Juvenile orphaned Flying Fox being looked after by a volunteer from Sydney Wildlife
A Great Egret visits a Manly Vale pond looking for food 
Native Commelina Cyanea is also called "Scurvy Weed" as it was eaten by early European settlers to avoid scurvy (it contains Vitamin C) 
A spectacular Blue Triangle butterfly (Graphium Sarpedon) visits a Manly Vale garden
Spot the camouflaged Katydid
Gorgeous Apacris Longiflora (Fuschia Heath) at Manly's "North Head"
Ringtail possums. (Two very special Manly Vale locals).
A juvenile yet ancient member of the Manly Vale community.

Magnificent Coral Fern at Freshwater
Angophora Costata (smooth-barked apple)..a truly wonderful tree
Stunning Clematis Aristata (old man's beard) at Manly Golf Course...a star amongst native plants

I hope you've had a great year..please treasure and protect your own local native animals and plants...wherever you may be.